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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৮ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৬

ব্যবসায়িক স্থান নির্দেশ

Break bulk cargo carrying Bangladesh-Pakistan-West Asia Gulf Liner service : From 1980 BSC is regularly operating vessels in the Bangladesh-Pakistan-West Asia Gulf Liner route. BSC offers monthly sailing in this route.

Bangladesh/UK-Continent/Africa Liner Service : Since inception BSC has been operating liner service in the Bangladesh/UK-Continent/Africa route on regular basis. Due to rapid containerization of break bulk cargoes, the pattern of sea borne trade has changed radically over the last one decade and as such the traditional liner service of break-bulk cargo vessels between Bangladesh/UK-Continent and African routes became economically non-viable. Besides due to the increasing number of regulations enacted by IMO the regulatory bodies in the European Union ratified their shipping policies and set a very high standard for the vessels calling European ports. It has become a rigorous task for the ship owners to maintain an aged traditional liner vessel up to such a high standard. Under the circumstances BSC had to suspend its regular liner service between Bangladesh/UK-Continent ports and the Africa service since year 2000. However, procurement of new vessels may open opportunities in future to reopen the liner service subject to the inducement of sufficient cargo.

Bangladesh/Far East/Japan Liner Service : BSC started its regular liner service in the Bangladesh/Far East/Japan route from 1980. But due to scarcity of export cargo from Bangladesh to Far East BSC's service in Bangladesh/Far East/Japan route was suspended since 1998. In order to retain the membership of Benjap Conference BSC’s sailing right has been sublet to an active Benjap Conference member Everett Orient Line.

Chartering & Tramping service : BSC engages its vessels both on time and voyage charter. At present most of the vessels are under time charter to various local and foreign companies. With these vessels charterers are operating tramp services in the ports of South America to East/West Africa and Sub-Continent to Middle East/Gulf region.

Feeder Service : BSC started it's feeder service in the Bangladesh-Singapore-Bangladesh trade from 1986. At present BSC offers Feeder services in the following routes. 

  • Chittagong-Singapore-Port Klang (Malaysia)-Chittagong [Fortnightly sailing] 
  • Chittagong-Colombo (Sri Lanka)-Chittagong [Fortnightly sailing] 
  • Chittagong-Port of Tanjung Pelapas (Malaysia)-Chittagong [Occasional sailing]

Crude Oil Carrying : According to the decision of the Bangladesh Government BSC has been entrusted with the responsibility of carrying crude oil from Middle East and Persian Gulf region to Bangladesh. Since 1977 BSC has been providing Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation total transportation for carriage of crude oil very efficiently and reliably. With hired tankers BSC has been carrying 1.3 million metric tons of Murban Crude Oil and Arab Light Crude Oil purchased from ADNOC, Jabel Dhana, Abu Dhabi and Aramco, Rastanura, Saudi Arab respectively in 13 separate parcels every year.

Crude Oil Lightening : BSC provides crude oil lightening service to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) for carrying crude oil from the mother vessels anchored at Kutubdia outer anchorage to Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL) shore tank as their lighterage contractor with the two purpose built lighter vessels M.T. Banglar Jyoti and M.T. Banglar Shourabh.

Food Grain Carrying : Bangladesh Shipping Corporation provides Ministry of Food (MOF) total transportation solution for carriage of food grain from Australia and Canada. BSC carries wheat in bulk from Australia and Canada once a year by hiring mother vessels.

Food Grain lightening : BSC as lighterage contractor provides food grain lightening service to Food Department under Ministry of Food of Bangladesh Government for carrying bulk wheat from the mother vessels anchored at Kutubdia or outer anchorage of Chittagong Port to Grain Silo Jetty at Chittagong or Khulna.

Agency Service : BSC acts as local agent of various nationalized and private shipping companies in Bangladesh.

Ship Repair : BSC has its own marine workshop situated on the bank of the river Kharnaphully to carry out maintenance and repair of BSC vessels during vessel’s stay at Chittagong. The workshop is well equipped and situated in a very good strategic place to provide repair service to the vessels calling Chittagong. BSC Marine Workshop not only provides repairing service to BSC vessels but also to local private vessels.